Windows Server Administration for Beginners
Build a Secure Node.js App with SQL Server

Introduction to Serverless 

What Is Serverless Computing?

A Beginner’s Guide to Server-Side Web Development with Node.js

Building Web App using ASP.NET Web API Angular 7 and SQL Server

This course is intended for students who are interested in learning the basics of configuring and managing a Windows server in a domain environment. The course covers everything from installing the operating system, creating a Windows domain, setting up basic services like Active Directory, DNS and DHCP, and lays the foundation for more advanced courses in Windows server administration. We will learn the basics of Windows Server and Windows Domain by creating a domain and managing the roles and features in it using an example business.

Who should take this course?
This course will be beneficial to those who wish to work in a typical business that uses Windows workstations and servers. All of the individual topics covered are applicable to most businesses that use these technologies, and is a great foundation for anyone interested in network & server administration and the IT field in general. It is also an excellent supplement to courses taken in preparation for Microsoft's MTA or MCSA certifications. 

The course is structured as follows:
Introduction to Windows Server
Installing VMware Workstation and creating a virtual machine
Installing Windows Server 
Preparing & Configuring a Windows Domain
Joining a Windows workstation to a Windows Domain
Configuring & Managing Active Directory
Configuring & Managing Group Policy
Configuring & Managing Print Services
Configuring & Managing File Sharing & Permissions

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