The Twilight Saga Is Full of Funny Bloopers And Pranks Behind The Scenes! 

Vampires and werewolves, oh my! That’s right—today we’re talking about The Twilight Saga. The Twilight films, including the original Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, are known for their romantic, dark atmosphere, and the actors come to life in a brooding, somber sense. But that doesn’t mean the actors always had to be in character or can’t crack a smile every now and again. Yup, for this video, we’re talking about funny bloopers and cute on-set moments. In this video, you can see Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and other Twilight stars fumble and fall with their lines in cues. There’s plenty of room for laughter on set with all of these bloopers. We have everything from actors forgetting their lines to how actors react when their props not working to funny catastrophes with equipment. You’ll not only laugh, you’ll also have the opportunity to let out a few “aws” at some of the cuter moments on set, like how Nikki Reed reacts to holding a baby to Michael Sheen and Ashley Greene’s friendship! If you’re a fan of Twilight or a fan of bloopers in general, then you’ve got to check out this video. Thanks so much for watching!

0:00​ - Intro
0:33​ - Laughing out loud
0:56​ - Whose line is it anyway?
1:25​ - Here is Taylor now
1:46​ - Car problems
2:04​ - Little trip up
2:33​ - Silly faces
2:52​ - Hell hath no fury
3:14​ - Still forgetting his lines
3:36​ - Clumsy vampire
3:57​ - Baby cuteness
4:19​ - Not strong enough
4:33​ - Secret BFFs Aro and Alice
4:51​ - Waterfall fun
5:08​ - Working up a sweat
5:29​ - Pregnancy blues and giggles
5:51​ - Fighting or dancing?
6:06​ - Director show-down
6:30​ - Hungry like the wolf
6:45​ - She's drowning
7:05​ - The final dance


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Written by: Kaylene Jackmore
Narrated by: Emma Love
Edited by: Maite Cambra

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]