Hello everyone, 
Today's recipe is Crispy Veggie Pockets. In french this is also known as Vol-Au-Vent. You can fill any type of filling in pastry shells (pockets). I tried in white sauce and it turned out to be delicious. 
Easiest appetizer to  adorn your dinner party. 

Filling Ingredients:

    Butter: 1tbsp
    All Purpose Flour: 1tbsp
    Milk: 1 Cup
    Vegetables: 1 Cup. As per your choice
    Chilly Flakes: 1tbps
    Cheese: 1/4 Cup (optional)
    Sal & Pepper: As per your taste. 
    Pastry Sheets: To make crispy pockets. 

Oven Details:

    Preheat: 350F
    Bake Time: 20-25 Min.