2020 - A year with many changes and difficulties caused by epidemics, storms and floods. Chau understands that not only Chau but everyone has ever felt very stuck and depressed when everyday life suddenly changes. We are forced to learn to get used to it, to adapt to it. But somehow we have overcome with resilience, so that in the last days of this year, Chau and Hanh sit down to look back on their 2020 year to feel proud because they have never been discouraged and stopped. Try for a moment. Chau strives to perfect and develop himself every day, working hard to try to meet the goals that he set out in the previous year. Yeap, and Chau did it, everyone. Thank you for always being by your side, loving, accompanying and supporting Chau, thank you "pink" for coming and making Chau's life more joyful, thank you all!

Let's take a look at our past year together with Chau and set a goal for next year. 2021 with more achievements! Happy New Yearrrrrrrrr 💓

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