Super Mario 3D World but there's a new castle level! I made a new castle level in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch! Mario takes on Bowser, (there are several Mario vs Bowser boss fights, and a big final boss fight with Mario and Bowser) and there's lava floor, Mario enemies, power-ups, Toads, and more funny Mario videos stuff! Mario animations are normal and instead of a cursed funny Mario mod, this is a custom Mario level designed to be a Castle Level in Super Mario 3D World for the Super Mario 3D World Modding community Castle Jam!
This level was made by me (ZXMany), and is another addition to the custom modded Super Mario 3D World levels created by ZXMany! The assets used were from castle levels, since this was meant to be a castle-themed level, with a mini-Super Mario 3D World section right at the start, then a lava section, some funny Mario troll elements, and a level that's altogether nice and fun that makes a nice Mario video :D I hope you enjoyed watching this!
Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Tiny 3D World section - 0:05
Climbing up a Thwomp + tiny Bowser's Highway Showdown - 0:19
Bullet Bills section - 0:44
First green star - 1:01
Bowser's car - 1:16
Bowser boss fight - 1:32
Castle level complete area (green star #2) - 1:50
Going to the lava area below the level - 2:01
Checkpoint flag + tree in lava - 2:13
Mario platforming + fire bros - 2:35
Tanks in lava + goombas + wide goomba - 2:55
Bully enemy + green star - 3:10
Troll warp box? Troll bird in ZXMany levels? - 3:29
Toad house + mega mushroom Mario - 3:51
Train in lava - 4:10
Mega mushroom + crates - 4:20
Stamp + green star at the front of the Bowser Train - 4:33
Bullies in lava train - 4:55
Goomba stack + bullies + power-up + green star - 5:19
Goal pole - 5:41
Warp box - 5:53
Bowser Boss fight at the Great Tower of Bowserland! - 6:06
Final green star - 6:20
Top of the goal pole - 6:45
More ZXMany custom levels - 6:55
Castle Jam collaboration - 7:02
1 million subscribers announcement - 7:30
Outro - 7:39
I made the levels BACKWARDS in Super Mario 3D World -
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