Ranch with house, cenote, lagoon and area for animals of 1,500 hectares in Tekit, Yucatán.

1,500 hectares make up this beautiful property with large watersheds and beautiful deep blue cenotes, this ranch was used mainly for livestock since it has corrals, drinking fountains, workers' house, in addition to having an elevated water tank for irrigation and for the animals.

It also has a beautiful country house but very well equipped, it has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a gym, a beautiful terrace.

It is very close to the wide lane highway that goes to Tekit, in addition to having electricity. It is a beautiful place that can be used for tourism purposes because in the same area Yucatecan embroidery is worked in guayaberas hipiles and traditional suits of this region.

This area has the water at the surface of the ground, so it is always green and can be used for various ecotourism or self-sustaining items.