Unleash The Power of Your Third Eye ||| Powerful Third Eye Meditation 
12000Hz + 10000Hz + 432Hz + 8Hz Ultra High Frequencies 
Manifest Your Third Eye Powers ||| Open Your Third Eye

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🧘🏻‍♂️ Lovemotives Meditation Music
꩜ UNLEASH The Power of Your THIRD Eye
꩜ POWERFUL Third Eye Meditation
꩜ 12000Hz 10000Hz 432Hz 8Hz
💫 Meditation Music
❯❯❯ Use Headphones for an Immersive Experience
💫 About This Music
It contains a powerful formula combination, 
selected by me with great results, 
(be aware that results may vary for each one of us).

💫 it features:
☯ 432 Hz Change︙Natural state of Consciousness︙Tuning
☯ 8 Hz Pineal Gland Third Eye︙Theta Manifestation︙Brain Sync
☯ 12000 Hz Space Energy︙Kundalini Energy︙Keely Frequency 
☯ 10000 Hz Full Detox your Pineal Gland Third Eye︙Rife Frequency

Enter the Present Moment of Now,
By observing your natural breathing flow,
Become The NOW
💫 About Lovemotives
Lovemotives is different than any other channel out there because our main goal is to provide to you, the very best of the best present moment manifestation, through the very best selection of specific frequencies that are proven to work on many different levels of your well-being, and to allow you to unlock your highest potential, combining 369 Manifestation, with tuning and melodies that play on the chakra notes, and frequencies that work on all your layers and levels of your body mind and soul composition.

These contain specific frequencies and are tuned to the best vibrational frequency energy to enhance your highest potential of your Higher Self and connection to the supreme wisdom knowledge and experience of the universe inside of you. 
You will find hundreds of hours of the best music for your body mind and soul well-being. 

Enjoy and become the highest version of yourself. 
Lovemotives Meditation Music is here to stay.
You can find Lovemotives almost everywhere
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