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The story of "love" filled with "the secrets" from "Nira" (Baifern - Pimchanok), a guy with a heart of a girl. Her family doesn't accept it. Only his mum understands. She then tries to overcome it with a new appearance. A new life which seems to be perfect but there are no secrets in this world!!
Puttichai Kasetrasin (Chutchawee)
Pimchanok luevisadpaibul (Chanuntawat, Nira)
Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana (Nira)
Yuranan pamornmontri (Chomtawat)
Nida patcharaveerapong (Rungrong)
Witaya wasukraipaisarn (Doctor Benjang)
Keerati mahaprukpong (Manow)
Apasiri Nitibhon (Nilamon)
Rassamee Fahkueron | James as Baitong
Promporn Yuwawes as Ing-On
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