Today we test how many double cherry clones of Mario you can have in Bowser's Fury from the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch, and do other funny Mario tests with double cherries in this Bowser's Fury modding video! Bowser's Fury is a seriously fun Mario game with great gameplay, and modding Mario and double cherries and other power-ups is such a fun thing to test out :D

Today we test how many double cherries you can use in Bowser's Fury, how many Mario clones you can have, we compare this to a few levels in Super Mario 3D World, we look at cutscenes with double cherry Mario clones, collect cat shines, do tests with giant giga Mario, cat Mario, the star power-up, and most importantly, Plessie! 

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Intro - 0:00​
Double cherries in Bowser's Fury - 0:09​
Double cherry clones waking up Bowser - 0:20​
Double cherry clones getting a cat shine - 1:07​
Max double cherry clones - 1:19​
Double cherry clones in Super Mario 3D World (Double Cherry Pass) - 1:41​
World 1-1 Double cherries - 1:53​
World 1-2 Double cherries - 2:00​
World 4-3 Double cherries - 2:06​
Putting a double cherry at Mario's spawn location - 2:32​
Getting a cat shine with 4 clone Marios - 3:02​
Power-ups with Mario clones - 3:26​
Mega mushroom power-up with Mario clones - 3:40​
Getting a cat shine with slightly larger Mario - 3:52​
Star power-up with Mario clones - 4:11​
Star power-up clones vs goop - 4:25​
Many Marios off-screen - 4:34​
Giant Mario with clones - 5:05​
Giant star Mario clones - 5:16​
Giant Marios going into the poisonous goop - 5:30​
Giant Mario vs Bowser's Fury blocks - 6:00​
Giant Mario vs Bowser - 6:09​
Giant Mario mega mushroom getting the cat shine - 6:21​
Plessie with 5 double cherry Mario clones - 6:53​
Plessie with 4 double cherry Mario clones - 7:04​
Super Mario 3D World Plessie in Bowser's Fury - 7:29​
Goodbye Lake Lapcat - 8:03​

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