# 10 TRUONG GIA TET HALF with thousands of statements GOING INTO THE LAND by Thieu Bao Tram | Want To Roll In The Kitchen Season 3
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Want To Eat In The Kitchen is a reality program about the culinary exploration of the regions full of surprises, humor, but no less dramatic, by Truong Giang as "" owner ".
Season 3 returned to gather famous guests such as Jun Pham, Thieu Bao Tram, Quan AP, Vu Ha, Midu, Dai Nghia, Chi Dan, ...

At each different location, Truong Giang will join the guests to explore the unique dishes that are extremely attractive and undergo a series of challenges: from finding ingredients, to processing dishes according to the right way. local tone ...

Clumsiness, clumsiness or unique discoveries in the first experience of the guests, promises to bring a lot of laughter and useful entertaining moments for the audience.

Watch the program Want To Roll In The Kitchen at 8:00 pm every Thursday on YouTube channel Truong Giang.

Sincerely thank Acecook for accompanying the program.

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