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How To Join The TikTok Creator Fund (Apply & Get PAID) | In today's video, we break down how to apply to the TikTok Creator Fund and start making money on TikTok. It's actually a very simple process, but there are some minor nuances to understand. If you're looking to join the TikTok Creator Fund program, signup to the Creator Fund, or get paid on TikTok, this video will answer those questions and more.

I've also created a separate video that discusses the views decreasing that a lot of people have associated with the TikTok Creator Fund. There are pros and cons to joining this new edition of TikTok, so make sure you check out my other video below. Hope you enjoy the info, and I've got my fingers crossed for your success! 🤞 

[OTHER VIDEO] Is The Creator Fund Affecting Your Videos?​


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