In this video,  you'll learn HOW TO USE CANVA FOR BEGINNERS. If you're just getting started, this EASY CANVA TUTORIAL 2020 will guide you step by step on getting started as a complete beginner of Canva. You'll learn how to use Canva like a pro in no time!

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Lesson 1: 00:00​ - Introduction and what you'll learn
Lesson 2: 00:43​ - Sign up for a Canva account
Lesson 3: 00:53​ - Understanding the Canva homepage
Lesson 4: 03:00​ - Canva homepage top Navigation bar explained
Lesson 5: 03:38​ - How to create a new Canva design (3 ways)
Lesson 6: 05:31​ - Caveat: Paid Elements and Images Explained
Lesson 7: 06:31​ - Finding your way around the Canva editor/interface
Lesson 8: 09:02​ - How to start editing on Canva
Lesson 9: 10:09​ - Canva vs Photoshop - What Canva can't do
Lesson 10: 11:58​ - Editing Canva elements
Lesson 11: 13:13​ - How to add stock photos/images
Lesson 12: 14:35​ - How to add Canva elements
Lesson 13: 15:24​ - Working with Canva layers - how to position elements, texts, and photos
Lesson 14: 16:36​ - The easiest way to add text to your design
Lesson 15: 17:37​ - How to use photo effects, filters, and adjustments
Lesson 16: 18:43​ - How to add more pages in the same design/project
Lesson 17: 19:46​ - How to download your Canva design
Lesson 18: 20:16​ - Canva vs Canva Pro plans - what are the differences?
Lesson 19: 21:16​ - Final words / Summary
Lesson 20: 21:40​ - Next steps to mastering Canva


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