a comp of all my fav vines and some slightly longer videos.

here are links to some of the creators of these vines:

- Victor Pope Jr: https://twitter.com/victorpopejr​
- chloelmao: https://twitter.com/contrachloe​
- ayitspnayo: https://twitter.com/ayitspnayo​
- chrish: https://twitter.com/mistachrish​
- mielmonster: https://twitter.com/miel​
- Katie Ryan: https://twitter.com/KatieAva3​
- Cole Hersch:  https://twitter.com/colestwitt3r​
- Gabriel Gundacker: https://twitter.com/gabegundacker​
- Patrick Perkins: https://twitter.com/lil__blizzard​
- enjajaja: https://twitter.com/en_jajaja​
- uhhmmily: https://twitter.com/uhhmmily​
- weaklingchris: https://twitter.com/christphrjoseph​
- Matt Post: https://twitter.com/MattPostSaysHi​
- Drew Gooden: https://twitter.com/drewisgooden