EMD have opened up a pizza hut shop! As if running a pizza shop wasn’t difficult enough, their troubles only multiply when Deeka accidentally adds too much spice to the recipe and the fragrance catches the attention of the forever hungry Bhukkad. From getting sandwiched between two pieces of bread to getting sandwiched between two planets, there are no limits Bhukkad will stop at in order to get rid of his hunger!
Bhukkad discovers a baby alien in a crashed alien space craft and befriends it. Bhukkad’s convinces the baby alien to use its powers to capture EMD for himself. EMD try their best to not become Bhukkad’s dinner as they wonder where he discovered his new friend from. However Bhukkad is left at his wits end when in a twist EMD and baby alien become friends.

#wowkidz​ #eenameenadeeka​
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