By the end of the new year, to sum up 2020 to see what this year can do so that 2021 will still strive to learn. OK, opening the new year with the first 10 Facts clip in 2021. I was so scared that I had to use @MISTHY TV to be a host for less =)))

10 Facts Linh Ngoc Dam - A Billion Income A Year ??? | 10 Facts Series
#LND #Misthy # 10Facts Series

00:00 10 Facts Linh Ngoc Dam
02:00 Does Linh intend to return to the Buddha? Why stick together all day without coming back?
03:54 How many zeros are there in 2020?
04: 34 Are you afraid of being hated when you go online and quarrel? How will I feel if I get an anti group?
06:27 Lately Linh's video is much lighter than the reason why?
07:30 Is Katholic alright, never having any intention of opening the next branch?
08:49 What is the relationship between Linh and Quang Cuu?
10:47 When will Linh get married?
10:56 Linh puts family first, but why not stay close to her in Hanoi?
11:46 Self-assessment in 2020? What are the goals for 2021?
12:13 Are Thy-Linh-Uyen Trio still as close as before?

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