How I became a millionaire in 1 year - my net worth at 32

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I became a millionaire in one year, all it took was a small loan of a million dollars from my father. I’m kidding that’s now how it happened. I made a video about how to become a millionaire in one year (my plan), and now it's about 1 year later and I want to give you an update. Getting to a million took developing good habits early on, and following them consistently by living below your means, saving money, and investing it. Let's break down my net worth and invested assets into 3 categories.

1. Cryptocurrency
The first one is my cryptocurrency investments which I hold in BlockFi, and here it is -  the total balance in my BlockFi account is roughly $438,457. I’ve talked about them before but an incredibly powerful savings account for your cryptocurrency. You can hold different currencies and depending on which ones you deposit, your savings rate will go up and down. For example if you deposit something like USDC which is a stable coin from coinbase, a big crypto broker, you’ll get their maximum rate of 8.6%. They make money by taking our savings, and using them to lend out your money with high interest rates, and in return for keeping your money with them, they pay out a high interest rate and they keep the difference between the money they lend out, and they money they pay us. My bitcoin and ethereum holdings have been my best investments this year.

2. Stock Market
I have 3 main accounts in the stock market, my retirement account with M1 Finance, my trading account (which I don't use often) with WeBull, and my main account which has all my dividend stocks which is Robinhood. It’s worth roughly $282,457 which is nice, but it’s not as nice as the $7,638 I made in 2020 from just holding on to the stocks I have anyway, which I then reinvested back into the portfolio and it’s grown a lot because energy stocks have been crushing it. I try to invest like a contrarian by buying what people think is unpopular which is why my energy stocks have performed extremely well these last few months.

3. Cash
The total amount I have in all my banks across all my accounts is 1,428,000. The reason I have so much cash is becauseI’m about to pay a huge tax bill, and I’m trying to buy real estate. Since I can’t get financing - I have to buy it in cash. But for now, this brings my total net worth to $2,195,457 - not counting this months income which is going to be one of the highest incomes I’ve ever had so that number might be closer to 2.4 million.

Treat your income not like your true income. Instead, It’s the passive income that is the real number, which is why I still live way below my means. My true income at this point is not very high but I’m working on it every single day. Even though I’ve made a substantial amount of money with YouTube in 2020, I don’t buy fancy stuff, instead I continue to reinvest it so that the Andrei Jikh of the future, can look back at the Andrei of today and be proud that I had the foresight to take care of my older self by living below my means, and investing consistently. Set good habits early on and stick to them.

I also bought 100 shares of Apple because the tech sector had a selloff due to fear of unfavorable regulation. I'm underweighted in the tech sector which means I need to own more stocks in the technology sector and Apple is my favorite. It's almost never on discount but when it is, I will always invest in it! 

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