No game has no end. Death is always a visit to the player's character.
But this is a fun thing that makes us so addicted that we can't put our joys down.
The same boss that never won. Or the same valley that never jumped through
Is the trigger of effort That makes gamers have to dig and draw intuition and want to win the game.
Progress is everything that players are ready to do whatever it takes to grab it.
Except with these games ... Especially some games that don't give anyone the opportunity to even open them up and play again!

Time Index
0:00 Is it important to die in the game?
0:35 Permadeath Don't die if you don't want to waste your time.
8:05 Perma-Permadeath Don't die if you don't want to lose the game.
8:40 Upsilon Circuit, the game show of the future
12:46 One Life dare to play? .. Permanent death survival game
16:38 The Flock can play, but don't die a lot.
19:19 Russian Roulette One Life

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