Making this playlist was funny xD besides, some of the songs were recommendations from bands that emailed me, and one of them my friend told me about it. Some days ago I listened to the local radio and I could get to know some songs and Spotify helped too! And others I already listened to them months ago xD 
Spotify link:​
The first song, " Avocado Toast" I found it when I was looking for songs without copyright and the band makes really cool music! And the name it's pretty nice and funny too xD​

Some band as I mentioned emailed me a while ago to put their songs in my "take a break" playlist on Spotify so I thought it would be a great idea to include them here too :^)
shout out to:
The King's Parade (they gifted me a beanie to show their gratitude ;; thank u so much!!)​
Luna Blue with their song "Tropical"​
and The Drives! with "Tell Me"​

photo by Shironeko(again!!)
original link:​

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Hope you can support the artists(as well the others from the Spotify playlist), if not it's totally understandable! 

take care and besos en la cola ;^) 💗