Have you heard of any strange tales from any game? Reputed to the "game" in addition to the entertainment that we will receive from it. It always has a depth. Behind the scenes that are always hidden in them A lot of times people make games deliberately. But sometimes it is a mistake that even the creator is not aware of. In this video we will solve those secrets.
Time Index
- [1:54] Super Mario Bros. game
2:16 Endless secret levels in Mario games.
2:45 Mario with hundreds of secret levels?!?
4:09 Mario game tips
4:48 Can we really jump over the flagpole in the game?
6:56 Is it true? The original Super Mario Bros.2 game was never sold in the US. Because "it is too difficult"
- [8:55] Galaga game, how to make "all" enemies stop shooting.
- [10:07] Pac-Man game, when you reach level 256, what will happen?
- [11:52] Sinistar game secret recipe, conquer 255 lives for free.
- [14:00] Kaboom game! A secret that is hidden after reaching ten thousand points.
- [15:39] Street Fighter 2
15:58 What exactly is the red hadken power in game part 2?
16:25 Can the Dhalsim character really disappear?
- [17:38] Final Fantasy IV game with a hidden porn book in the game ..
- [19:13] Collect interesting mysteries that I have spoken in the previous videos.

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