Since a lot of people avoided the Odyssey series due to spoilers, I thought it would be a smart idea to wait two weeks or so after the game came out and release a supercut of all eight episodes!
I know that this can come across as lazy to some, but this was the longest series on this channel yet and I have TONS of quality content on the way! I hope you guys enjoyed this series. :D

#SuperMarioOdyssey​ #Alpharad​ #Supercut​

0:00​ Cap Kingdom
1:47​ Cascade Kingdom
4:44​ Sand Kingdom
10:06​ Wooded Kingdom
16:02​ Lake Kingdom
19:15​ Cloud Kingdom
21:23​ Lost Kingdom
22:57​ New Donk City
38:02​ Seaside Kingdom
45:01​ Snow Kingdom
50:58​ Luncheon Kingdom
56:58​ Ruined Kingdom
1:01:02​ Bowser's Kingdom
1:08:31​ Moon Kingdom
1:17:49​ Mushroom Kingdom
1:21:06​ Dark Side
1:31:38​ Darker Side


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