14:10 first landing (Auburn s50)
28:00 second landing (Norman Grier s36)
41:00 last landing back at KPLU.
Long video but it’s pretty much the whole first flight lesson from start to finish.
Lesson 1 Private Pilot! The student flew well, but this is a normal first flight for my students. I don’t always add the second airport landing if they are struggling ,but he was doing great and was still seeing outside (learning ).
So we started out heading for KTIW (Tacoma Narrows airport ) but things got busy over there so I diverted to S50 ( auburn airport ) for a landing and then we took off and headed over to S36 ( Norman Grier airpark , formally known as Crest) for another landing. Crest is fun since its an airpark with private homes lining the runway on both sides.
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