Awarded the Children’s Jury Award at the Chicago International Children’s Festival.

« The Film has moved me and I want to congratulate you for the high standard and sensibility in producing this film. I am sure it will be successful not only with the young audiences, but also for the elder generations. »

Buddy ELIAS, President, ANNE FRANK FONDS, 1998


I have now viewed the English version of your film based on the Diary of Anne frank. Thank you for sending me the tape.

I must admit that at first had my doubts whether an animated film could do justice to Anne Frank’s Diary. I was therefore pleasantly surprised upon viewing it that the film doesn’t trivialize the story of Anne Frank and makes for exciting viewing. This depiction of the growing up of a vivacious young girl in very difficult and extremely threatening surroundings will touch the hearts of young viewers--and will hopefully lead them to be wary of all signs of collective hatred, racism and anti-Semitism. It is good that with such well-done animated film more young people can be reached than would be the case with the book alone.

With best regards,

"No previous adaptations of Anne Frank's Diary have done so with the imagination and sensitivity that characterize the animated film ANNE FRANK'S DIARY. The attendant music manages to be both unobstructive and haunting at the same time. This inspiring and poignant film is a remarkable tribute to Anne Frank."

-Carol Ann Lee (Historian, author of 'Anne Frank: A biography')

"...The highly realistic animation offers suspenseful touches and unusual points of view, and the music by Carine Gutlerner is excellent: spare and evocative." 

-Reader, Chicago

" An animated version of Anne Frank's famous diaries that makes her story easily accessible for a new generation without losing the power of the original text.(...) Most moving is Anne's internal life, her reaction to their persecution, and subsequent life of total isolation, silence, terror and ultimately the positive and humanitarian attitude she is able to maintain. Complemented by cutting edge animation, the film's most significant success is its ability to use the diary entries to create an Anne Frank who is compelling and endearing without being maudlin. "

Yoshua Ford, Washington Film Festival

" Animated "ANNE FRANK" retells story superbly". The movie is an achievement on several levels. Its aesthetic scheme is simple and unadorned enough to remind us that is a story of ordinary people thrust in into extraordinary circumstances, yet it's also gorgeous enough to carry us through its feature length. Its slab of colors and simple but inviting composition suggest paintings of Edward Hopper." Betsy Sherman,


"This animated feature will undoubtedly remain the most beautiful adaptation of the most widely read work in the world.
The city of Amsterdam is depicted very realistically sometimes making viewers think they are really there.  The violin music moves our souls with its nostalgic air.  The constantly latent emotion grows within us.  Like the Diary, the movie ends when the attic occupants are arrested and the few lines that appear thereafter bring tears to our eyes and make us say: “Never again!”. "


"By adapting the Diary of Anne Frank in animated form, you have proven your great talent for teaching by successfully producing strong and moving animated images.
I am convinced your movie will not only contribute to making the Diary of Anne Frank better known but it will also spur the awareness of young people and adults, and send a universal message of respect for human beings."


"The animation is superb, the settings exquisite. It is true to life. The director documented his research, worked on the basis of photographs.  It is a true setting of the time.  It made me want to go to Amsterdam.  The tone of the Diary isn’t hopeless.  Anne Frank is neither a view of the camps or of destruction.  We know the family will die so there is great underlying emotion as we watch but the dialogue is full of humanity. 

I prefer this movie to Schindler’s List or Life is Beautiful."

Annette Wievorka (Historian), interviewed by L'EVENEMENT

Original Soundtrack:

Carine GUTLERNER, composition, conducting 
Laurent KORCIA, violin*
Carine GUTLERNER, piano*
Florence ROUSSIN, second violin
Vinciane BERANGER, alto
Xavier PHILLIPS, cello*
Emmanuelle BERTRAND, second cello
Bernard CAZAURAN, doublebass
Philippe BERNOLD, flute*
Olivier D’OISE, hobo 
Romain GUYOT, clarinet 
Jean-François DUQUESNOY, bassoon
Hervé JOULAIN, horn
Eric SAMMUT, percussions
Christine ICART, harp 
Ariane JACOB, celesta
* main soloists