The two songs I used are cute (especially "Sleep" which seems like a total hypnosis 😉) and both are sung by Weir, I didn't want to, nor could I choose just one, so I used both for my video 😀

Mattana (Min) is forced by her parents to marry the prince of Raya, Makee, to fulfill a promise made between Mattana's father and the King of Raya. But Mattana refuses to marry someone she doesn't love.

The King of Raya sends Kamin (Weir), Prince Makee's bodyguard, to Thailand to search for Mattana and prepare her to go to Raya. But, what no one expected was that in the process of teaching him Raya's customs, Kamin and Mattana would fall in love ... but Kamin cannot show his feelings and has to do everything to keep Mattana away and fulfill his mission as a faithful soldier of his country.

LAKORN: "Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah" / Chasing Love to the Final Horizon (2014)
TOPIC 1: "Final Horizon"
TOPIC 2: "Dream"
SINGER: Weir Sukollawat
OST: Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah (2014)

Video and Subtitles in Spanish: Nina (Sol)

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