In this Preschool Learning Car Video Double Feature kids learn colors and counting with two of our best toy car videos! 

First, let's learn colors with Tomica Cars with Preschool Learning Toy Car Video for Toddlers Teach Kids Colors with Tomica Playset! Fun Educational movie for kids. In this preschool learning video for toddlers and kids, let's teach toddlers colors and counting with Tomica Elevator Car toy playset for kids. This huge toy playset is a dynamic educational tool for helping kids learn colors, counting, and simple physics. This learning toy for toddlers and kids is great fun to build and play with, we hope your kids like the movie!

Then, we'll learn colors and numbers with Best Learning Video for Kids: Teach Toddlers Colors Numbers Preschool Race Cars & Magnet Truck! Learn vehicles for kids! Here comes the race car carrying toy truck with a real, working magnet lifting arm. Let's teach kids colors and numbers by playing with these fun race car toys on the Tayo the Little Bus parking deck with up and down elevator and two different sliding tracks for race car toys! These wooden race car toys have metal tops to allow the magnetic toy truck arm to raise and lower its cargo onto the truck bed. Once we're done playing with these fun race cars, it's time to open some surprise toys! We've got fun Woodzeez bobbleheads, Monster High, Tiny Tonka, and Disney D-Lectable blind bags to open! Let's see what fun toys we get and learn while we play!

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