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I hope you all are doing Great. This Vlog is about 2020 Li Xiang One Hybrid SUV is it Better Than NIOES8/XpengP7/BYD Thang? 
Test drive and Review in China

The Li Xiang One (Chinese: 理想ONE) is the first vehicle from the Chinese automobile manufacturer Li Xiang. The sport utility vehicle was presented in April 2019 at the Shanghai Auto Show. It has been in series production in Changzhou since November 2019. The first vehicles are to be delivered in China from early 2020. The Li Xiang One has a 41-kWh battery and can be described as a plug-in hybrid or a range extender vehicle. Its maximum power output is 240 kW (322 hp) and the maximum torque is 530 N⋅m (390 lb-ft), while the acceleration from 0 to 100 kph takes 6.5 seconds.

It is an SUV, available with six or seven seats in three rows.

Competing models include the BYD Tang PHEV, the BYD Tang 600/600D, and the NIO ES8 (although the first one has a considerably smaller battery, and the two others are not PHEVs but pure electric vehicles with much larger batteries).

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