We keep some gold in our hearts
But bitter time extinguished the flame
Until the very day when suddenly
We decide to leave
There are already different colors before our eyes,
Well, is it better to see?
Are we better?
When everything becomes so clear again
There is only one confession to be made:
I was only waiting for you
I was only hoping for you
I've been walking for so long
Came from afar
The world was huge
And the road is long.
I was only waiting for you
Nobody but you
I was waiting for the sound of your voice
Your breath,
Give me air
So that I can finally breathe
Editing author - elenagizzatullina
Music content - Garou "Je n'attendais que vous"
Visual content: mini-series "La Bella e la Bestia" (Italy and Spain), directed by Fabrizio Costa
Disclaimer - I have no rights to the original video and audio materials, I do not extract commercial benefits.