Here it is.  The full run of Last Wish.  THE 24:02​ run.  My team, Math Class' world third run of Last Wish. You wanted it. You got it. There is triumph.  There is despair. There is frustration. Other emotions too, but you need the season pass for those. There are ads every 15-20 minutes. I promise I will get mad at someone for some thing, I dunno when, probably in Riven, but it's there. No ads in most of the second half of the run.  God, imagine if I did ads like every 5 minutes, that would be insane.  Timeline just turns into a yellow bar.

Kalli - 1:53​
Shuro Chi - 43:41​
Morgeth - 2:33:45​
Vault - 3:45:50​
Riven - 6:24:08​
First Final Stand - 13:55:01​
Queenswalk - 21:07:05​
Post Raid Events - 22:34:42​

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