Serving you Saturday morning cartoons nostalgia📺📼🎞️ vibezz today LOL! With the amount of time I've had on my hands, I've been able to create more content for you and I'm really happy about that, hopefully you're equally happy with the content I'm able to make. I'm still a very VERY amateur video editor so bear with me, pleaseee😅👖 but hey I think I'm getting the hang of it kinda?! 

ALSO sorry for saying Donald Duck instead of Daffy. As I was rewatching the video back I was like 👁️-👁️ at that part. 

Materials Used in this Video:
✎Denim Jeans with pockets
✎ Angelus Paint:​
✎Brushes (flat and detail):​
✎POSCA Paint Markers Black and White (medium tip):​
✎Heat Gun:​
✎Painter's tape:​
✎Compass like in geometry set lol
✎Pens (but use chalk or pencil)
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♫Music: morning cartoons // chill - synth - lofi - mix STATEMENTCOLLECTIVE.COM​
☻About the Artist, a.k.a nobody asked but here you go anyway☻:

Hello My name is Afraa!
through my business/brand, I share my love for painting, colourful fashion, art and more, Enjoy!

⁂ My Instagram:​
⁂Birthday: May 14 03"
⁂Favorite Food: It's not even doughnuts I like onion rings lmao
⁂Filming Gear/Video Editing Software: 
- Canon EOS Rebel T3i
- MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit
- Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
- Wacom Intuos Draw
- A lot of Bristol Board