Continuing my tribute, today I bring you Halo 2 from start to finish with all cutscenes.  As is the Tyrant way, these are all zero death runs (many in fact back to back), and just like the previous video, this is on NORMAL difficulty to help accurately depict the actual war between the Covenant and Humanity.

It's no secret that Halo 2 is my LEAST favorite Halo game for a number of reasons (all which can be found in Tyrant Docs 5), and while I don't consider it to be the greatest follow up to the original, it still has an intriguing storyline and perhaps even the best soundtrack in the series.

That said, I hope you guys enjoy the show, and as always share your thoughts and comments!  Thank you, awesome community!

Best Regards,
The Tyrant

NOTE: One final comment.  It's rare, but I've noticed a slight "ghost image" that pops up a couple of times in the campaign.  This apparently is due to the Xbox 360's emulation technology not being 100% perfect, and it currently has no work-around.  Fortunately, it's a rare occurrence, and I hope you enjoy the show none the less :)


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