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Okay, so I realized that I didn't really explain everything in detail in the first part (Hero tail lights) so for this part I tried telling the story a little bit better 😅 (I don't think I did tho)
And I'm sorry for the confusion for some people and I also want to thank you all for the support on part one. I honestly didn't expect so many people would watch it and I just made the video for fun and for the story, so I also didn't really go into so much detail as I should have and I apologize for my laz- uh I mean for my lack of high quality ÚwÙ

But thank you all who enjoyed it, I really appreciate all your love and support 😊💕
Okay now for the story ÒwÓ

Like I said in part 1 Luke's dad couldn't handle the stress of taking care of two children. He was still young when Luke was born (In his early twenties) and was struggling to take care of his family. And when he heard that Lola (the mom) was pregnant with Lilly, he decided to leave. But Luke was too young at the time to understand and thought it was his fault. But when Lilly was born he had an extra meaning to life. His entire world was his Mom and Lilly, so when Lilly went missing he lost half of his world.
When Lilly was a little younger she asked Luke if they could go to the park. When they first went to the park Luke didn't leave Lilly for one second. They went to the park almost every day, it came to the point that they both felt safe there.
But one day someone walked up to Lilly saying that he had some new baby kittens and asked Lilly if she wanted to see them. Excited to hear about little kittens she agreed to follow him.
When it was time to go home, Luke was looking for Lilly but realized she wasn't playing at her favorite spot. When he went closer he saw Lilly's teddy bear but he couldn't see Lilly. When he started to panic he looked around the area and when he couldn't find her, he ran home and told his mom that he couldn't find Lilly. They went to the police but they didn't do anything yet because Lilly wasn't missing for 24 hours.
Luke and Lola started looking for Lilly on their own, but couldn't find her.

On Lilly's side of the story, she went with the man thinking she was going to see little cute baby kittens. But when it was starting to get darker, she started to get scared. She asked the man if she could go home because she didn't want to see the kittens anymore. He said that they were almost there, but she decided to run back to the park because she doesn't know her way back home. When she got to the park, it was already dark and Luke was not there anymore. Scared, she decided to try and find her way home and ran onto the old lady.

Okay, now for the old lady
Her husband died. Her daughter got married and moved out and left her all alone. When she found Lilly she had full intention to take her home but when she was taking care of Lilly she didn't feel so alone anymore. It felt like the empty space in her heart was being filled. At first she unintentionally avoided finding Lilly's family but then she realized what she was doing. Knowing that she should find the family but just wanting to spend more time with Lilly, she kept trying to keep Lilly with her for a while longer. She was scared that once Lilly is back with her family she'd be all alone again. So she tried to keep Lilly with her just a little longer.

Now for my reasons why it took so long... a lot of things played against me 😐
When I first started with part two I had full motivation and started working on it. But then the next day my computer had to go to the computer hospital and was there for four days. So I couldn't work... 🥴
And that had a big toll on that motivation but I kept working on it because I did want to finish it (It took a bit longer to get good quality out of it) And there is also a lot of scrapped clips that didn't really work out that well. And my phone's been running low in storage and CuteCutPro kept crashing (because of lack in ram) so I tried moving over to my computer. I tried to learn how to animate in different software and it was a big learning curve. Then there was also a lot of distractions in my real life that also played a part. (I also probably shouldn't have tried working on a bunch of stuff at the same time) I'm not trying to make excuses, I should have just worked harder to get the end project done. But I just want to explain the main reason to why it took so long.

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