The first module in the PowerShell Master Class. This is a multi-part class that should be viewed as part of its playlist,​

Materials for the class available at​

0:00:00​ Introduction
0:01:54​ Agenda
0:02:56​ PowerShell Fundamentals
0:03:27​ Before PowerShell
0:08:05​ PowerShell Introduction
0:14:10​ PowerShell Language and Syntax
0:15:56​ PowerShell Availability and Versions
0:25:35​ Installing PowerShell Core and VSCode
0:35:47​ Windows PowerShell vs PowerShell Core
0:38:30​ Check PowerShell Version
0:43:05​ Easy PowerShell Access
0:48:00​ Using ISE
0:50:38​ Using VSCode
0:52:10​ Using the Interactive Shell
0:55:12​ Non-PowerShell commands in PowerShell
0:57:05​ Aliases
0:58:17​ Navigating with PowerShell
1:00:33​ Tab support
1:01:33​ PowerShell Modules
1:08:34​ PowerShell Help
1:10:55​ Coming up next and GitHub Repo