The well-known journalist Mario leads the MTG, but the Micidial Corporation bought the broadcaster and imposes its questionable sponsors during the live shows. Mario is not there and decides to leave, but is blocked by Lord Micidial who not only forces him to give up his resignation, but also his son Ginetto, who will have to instruct him on the art of journalism ... Every week a complete episode of the series cult of 2013 Mario: A Series Of Maccio Capatonda! #MarioMTV #MaccioCapatonda

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Mario is an anchorman immersed in a spiral of absurd situations, ambiguous dead ends and insane inserts. Don't miss the cult 2013 fiction-sketch-comedy by Maccio Capatonda as the MTG journalist and all the protagonists of the sketches that made him famous: Rupert Sciamenna, Ivo Avido, Herbert Ballerina ...

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