Hello, I am Koray and in this live broadcast, toty is coming at the end and I keep my full # 24 HOUR live broadcast promise today and I am here with the guide and details of this incoming toty event, today I have more than 22000 fifa points and ore spending plans and in this way I want to stretch it, I will also try to buy the newcomer toty Messi, toty ronaldo and toty lewandowski.
During the live broadcast, we spend +22000 fifa points and ore and continue until tomorrow ...
For This Broadcast That Will Last Until Tomorrow
Live Stream Continued👉https: //www.nimo.tv/korayldrm
Live Stream Continued👉https: //www.nimo.tv/korayldrm

Those who want to go live from an Android / IOS device can find the application by typing Nimo in the Market (App Store-Play Store) where they downloaded the applications, and after downloading, I will appear directly when you type koray in the search section, we are also on the home page.