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The BEST Mario Kart Wii Hide & Seek Tracks! In this video, we continue our quest to play Hide & Seek on every Mario Kart Wii track! We tackle the whole Star and Leaf cups, home to some of the most open tracks in the whole game! Make sure you stick around to the end as we come up with some amazing hiding spots!

Another neat change in this mod is that the rocks no longer fall in Grumble Volcano. This REALLY opens up the track and I'm looking forward to having more matches there in the future!

You can download the Hide and Seek mod here:​
Hide and Seek discord server:​
More Hide and Seek videos:​

If you want to watch a specific track, here are the timestamps:

0:00​ Intro & Explanation (Thanks to KnockoutWolf for editing this!)
0:30​ Daisy Circuit
2:39​ Koopa Cape
5:59​ Maple Treeway
9:17​ Grumble Volcano
10:56​ DS Desert Hills
13:02​ GBA Bowser Castle 3
14:22​ N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
17:38​ GCN Mario Circuit
20:40​ Outro (Please subscribe!)

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