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Hi! I'm Lulu99 and in this channel I hope you find entertainment, laughing videos and some videos for girls, sometimes I upload fashion videos, makeup, DIY, challenges and others, but mainly I upload sketch videos such as "expectation vs reality "and videos in the style" typical things of "... with which I hope you can have some entertainment, laughter, or fun. I try to make you like my laugh videos a lot, although I know I'm not very funny sometimes I try to make them funny videos and you like them a lot.

I love to watch videos of Pautips, Mariale, Yuya, Musas, whatthechic, CaELiKe, Gibby :), Sophie Giraldo, Katie Angel, La Bala, Maqui015, Los Polinesios, HolaSoyGerman, En PlugTV, ExtraPolinesios, also almost all Colombian youtubers, youtubers Mexicans and Spanish youtubers. Most of his videos I like a lot, more than all his entertainment videos or funny videos, or in the case of female youtubers I like his fashion videos or videos for girls.

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