Mak Prin – Mew Nittha together to invite you to follow the conclusion of the love of P' Thien and Nong Moei in the last 2 episodes of the drama "Almost Broken Heart, Secretly Loves Her Husband"

Today's guests, we are with the hero and heroine from Channel 3's most popular dramas, 'Mak Prin' and 'Mew Nittha' or 'Phi Thien' and 'Nong Moei' from the drama "Ok almost I secretly love my husband."

First of all, I have to say that since the drama aired from the first EP until the latest EP, the response has been very good. Rating keeps going up Trending No. 1 on Twitter every day the drama is aired. Which fans said that the two played very well together. Until forgetting that the real life of both of them is already real. I must say that the current is this good. In addition to the content, story and cuteness of 'Phi Thien' and 'Nong Moei', partly from the fact that drama fans have seen 'Mak' take off their shirts often, and now they have arrived 2. EP. Finally, it's the time that 'Phi Thien' has to follow 'Nong Moei' a bit. After all, 'Nong Moei' has to follow and flirt with 'Nong Moei' all the time. If you've read the novel before, you'll need to follow the last two chapters. Because we have heard that the ending is not the same as in the novel.

Finally, Mak and Miew leave the fans of the drama "Almost Broken Heart, Secretly Loving Husband" Follow the last 2 episodes, guaranteeing that there will still be the cuteness of 'Phi Thien' and 'Nong Moei' to be satisfied again. You can follow each other tonight and tomorrow night at 2 PM. 20 minutes on Channel 33.

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