A Compilation of all of Kari's Transformations I've used & made so far & a little preview of our up coming mod.

Super Saiyan (All) - Created by LazyBone

Kaioken - In Game Skill

Super Kaioken - Created by Lazybone

Time Breaker - Modded In Game Skill

Great Saiyan - Created by Lazybone

Potential Unleashed - In Game Skill

Pure Progress - Created by Seiki

Babidi's Mind Control - Created by InbetweenGamer & Seiki

Super Saiyan Rage - Created by Lazybone

Divine Potential - Created by Lazybone

Mastered Super Saiyan Blue - Created by Seiki & InbetweenGamer

Super Saiyan Blue Evolution - Created by Lazybone

Super Saiyan Rose (Kaioken) - Created by Lazybone

True Majin Form - Created By InbetweenGamer & Seiki

Legendary Super Saiyan (Controlled) - Created by Seiki & InbetweenGamer

Super Saiyan 4 (Ultra Instinct) - Created by InbetweenGamer & Seiki

Tuffle Parasite - Created By Seiki, Alf & InbetweenGamer

Music Used:
► Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Dark Impetus

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►Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 INFO
Initial release date: (EU) October 28, 2016
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
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