In this video I show you how to use iMovie to edit your videos on your iPhone.

iMovie is a powerful video editing application that allows you to cut your video clips, re-arrange them on a timeline, add transitions, voice over music and effects.

Best thing about it is that its available as a free download from the App store. So if you have iOs 13 installed on your phone or iPad head over to the store and download it today.

This is a comprehensive guide showing you all of the main features of the app.

We begin with importing the video clips into your project, then a demonstration on how to trim your video clips, create in an out points, re-arrange them on the timeline, add transitions in between your video clips, adding text overlay, creating PIP(Picture in Picture Effects) and Split screen, adding typography music and voice over.

This tutorial is on the latest  version of iMovie that was released around mid 2019 and is current as of 2020!

For a detailed tutorial on how to created and edit green screen video on your iphone check the following video:​

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