Diamantidis: "Thank you for everything"
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Dimitris Diamantidis represented the players of Panathinaikos in the press conference of the last match of his career and after the end he was applauded by those present:

It's a weird night for me and the team. On the one hand we lost a game and a title. Sorry. I want to congratulate Olympiakos for winning the championship. It is a difficult time for the team. For me the emotions are mixed. The way the game was lost upsets me. On the other hand, when I think that all the years I played basketball and I was on this team I never expected to live what I have lived so far. Truly, I am blessed. It was unbelievable what I experienced in Hercules, it gave me the opportunity. They are people who have helped me. Thank you all. During these 12 years at Panathinaikos I lived incredible moments, I wish every athlete to live them. I thank the people of Panathinaikos for the love they have shown me. We thank him as a team for his dedication. Panathinaikos is a team, he continues. This is how sport is, whether we like it or not. It sounds bad to us, but it's true. I know I was not the best interlocutor of journalists, but I have a philosophy in mind about what an athlete-journalist relationship is. Thank you all. I wish you well, only health.

Dimitris Diamantidis - Press Conference 30/05/2016
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