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#Channel 3 Drama # Padiwada EP8

Sarun Siwawet (James Jirayu), Permanent Secretary Went to risk everything to defeat the freakish jailbreak robbers. Just to bring the prize money to buy a ring to make a wish (Mint Natawara), a woman who loves to marry But then it seems that the world has disappeared. When the bliss refused the request Just to marry Khun Chai Naris (Bolwithawat), an honorable man, has money, has more prestige than he chooses to marry the Permanent Secretary. Parents Sarun was sad, overwhelmed, miserable, disappointed and lost his faith in love any longer.

Starring: James Jirayu, Bella Ranee, Mint Natawara, Bolwitawat, Bol Assanai, Kitkrit, Darling Arada, Dao Pimthong, Mam Jintara, ext. Sawitree, Kob Songsit, Toksupakorn, Epasin, Top Daraneenuch, Ron Banjong Sang, Nattha Lloyd, and many talented performers.

Script: Saranjit
Television chapter: Nantawan Rungwongpanich
Production Director: Good Filling Co., Ltd.
Directed by: King-Sang Srisuphap

[OST music]

Song of every molecule of the heart Ost. Padiwat | James Jirayu | Official MV
https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = EvqY6 ...

The song who is your sun | Ost. Padiwat | Ten Theeraphak | Official MV
https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = kRJc2 ...

Song: Love Song from Me | Ost. Padiwat | Beau Sunita | Official MV
https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = xGUZ9 ...

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