BOWSER JR'S FURY! Where you play Bowser's Fury, and you play as Bowser Jr vs the bigger, badder Bowser!! Mario and Bowser Jr team up in Bowser's Fury against Fury Bowser and the final boss of Bowser's Fury, but today, playable Bowser Jr with new power-ups and Mario animations is the funny Mario character you play as!
Mario animations are hilarious as playable Bowser Jr, and all bosses vs Bowser Jr instead of all bosses vs Mario is AMAZING! It's so cool to see Bowser Jr in every level of Bowser's Fury, starting at Scamper Shores, and going to Fort Flaptrap and Pounce Bounce Island before the first Fury Bowser boss fight! Then you unlock Slipskate Slope and Clawswipe Colosseum and you unlock levels like Trickity Tower, Crisp Climb Castle, Mount Magmeow, Roiling Roller Island, and Risky Whisker Island as you progress through Bowser's Fury, get more Cat Shines, beat bosses, and defeat Fury Bowser! There's Shadow Luigi (Fury Shadow by the Shore in every level), Cat Prince Bully, Cat Boom Boom, and Cat Pom Pom!
The Shadow Mario power-up reminds me so much of Super Mario Sunshine, and this is such a great mod made by just_eh_cupcake, a big thank you to just_eh_cupcake for making this mod!! :D
Bowser Jr and all of his new power-ups take on the Mario cat enemies and all cat bosses in Bowser's Fury, you find lost kittens and return them to the mother cat for Cat Shines, and you collect all Cat Shine shards to get Cat Shines! The Bowser's Fury cutscenes with Mario animations replaced with Bowser Jr and Bowser Jr animations are hilarious!
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Dropping every boss in lava -
Opening cutscene - 0:00
Bowser Jr falling but no screaming - 0:29
Bowser Jr falling down + head bonk - 0:38
Bowser Jr Mario movement - 0:59
Fury Bowser wakes up - 1:20
Getting the Bowser Jr partner - 1:53
Double Bowser Jr cutscene - 2:05
Scamper Shores - 3:09
Super Bell Power-up Bowser Jr - 3:29
Double Bowser Jrs get a Cat Shine - 4:17
Fort Flaptrap - 4:55
Funny Shadow Luigi - 5:45
Fury Bowser vs Fury Bowser Jr boss fight - 6:55
Looks like Bowser Jr has more to say - 8:52
Bowser Jr on Plessie - 9:10
Bounce Pounce Island - 10:08
New Boomerang Power-up Bowser Jr - 10:19
Weird glitchy key Cat Shine - 12:25
Small Bowser Jr - 12:46
Blast the Fury blocks with Fury Bowser - 13:53
Slipskate Slope - 16:09
Bowser Jr in the skate power-up - 16:29
Cloud bonus area - 17:08
Fury Bowser Boss fight vs Bowser Jr - 18:04
Damaged Fury Bowser Jr - 18:40
Looks like Bowser Jr has more to say - 19:23
Plessie medal Lake Lapcat Shine at Scamper Shores - 19:47
Little Bowser's Fury kittens - 20:10
Blue Coin Bustle Slipskate Slope - 21:30
Bowser Jr vs Fury Bowser Boss fight with spikes - 22:29
EASY Fury Bowser boss fight - 23:41
Looks like Bowser Jr has more to say! - 24:44
Bowser Jr shot out of a clear pipe - 25:00
Clawswipe Colosseum (Boom Boom boss fight vs Bowser Jrs) - 25:25
Trickity Tower - 27:00
Pom Pom boss fight vs Bowser Jr - 28:05
Crisp Climb Castle + Propeller box power-up - 29:02
Tanooki Leaf power-up Bowser Jr - 29:21
Spike floor Boom Boom vs Bowser Jr boss fight - 32:01
Funny Bowser Jr Pog face - 32:50
Bowser Jr scared to attack the snow pokey's head - 34:00
Bowser Jr with Fire Flower power-up - 34:50
Pipepath Tower - 36:14
Risky Whisker Island Fury Shadow Luigi - 37:11
LONG FINGERS Shadow Mario - 38:25
Roiling Roller Island CRAZY Bob-omb Glitch with Fury Bowser Jr - 40:25
Funny Bowser Jr on Plessie - 42:02
Are you alright Plessie? - 42:28
Bowser Jr carrying a kitten - 42:50
Prince Bully boss fight Mount Magmeow vs Bowser Jr - 43:05
Lucky Cat Bell Power-up Bowser Jr - 43:45
Bowser Jr vs FINAL BOSS FURY BOWSER (Phase 1) - 44:19
Phase 2 FINAL BOSS FURY BOWSER vs Bowser Jr and Plessie - 46:12
Plessie body slam finale - 46:40
Final cutscene with Bowser and Bowser Jrs - 47:30
Bowser Jr and the cats - 48:26
Thank you for watching - 48:35
1 million subscribers announcement - 48:41
Funny Cursed Bowser Jr Mario animal outro - 48:48
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