Penalty kicks in football are the most tense moments footballers experience, most of the time the players score and celebrate, but some of the time some weird and funny things happen and thats what we’re looking at today as we go through the 10 MOST FUNNY PENALTY KICKS IN FOOTBALL

This first penalty is hilarious, this american team is taking a penalty and the goalkeeper tries an unorfadox technique to try and put off the penalty taker, he tries cartwheeling across the goal line but this does not work as the penalty taker scores anyway  then to taunt the goalkeeper the player starts cartwheeling himself 

This next footballer scores an astonishing penalty, most penalty kick takers are nervous and are overwhelmed with pressure but this footballer scores backflip penalties, when he shoots the ball he turns the kick into a backflip, and this isn’t a one time thing he does this almost every chance he gets 

This footballer dirk nowitzki probably has the best run up to the ball in all of football, in this penalty he takes super dramatic steps towards the ball with a jokey serious face, he did this because its a charity match and its not as serious as a real game 

In this next penalty the player hits the crossbar and the goalkeeper celebrates probably because this means his team has won the game but as the goalkeeper celebrates, the ball bounces back into the goal making the goalkeeper look stupid,

 this isn’t the only time this has happened though this also happened in a professional match if the goalkeeper didn't celebrate he could have saved the ball

This next penalty involves a cheating goalkeeper and a rough fall, when this referee announces a penalty kick the goalkeeper sneakily approaches the penalty spot and with his boot digs a hole in the ground to make the kick taker trip over and miss which is cheating and he was obviously caught after the kick was taken

This next penalty shows the team's goalkeeper taking the penalty which is definitely unusual but nonetheless he scores, but in an unexpected twist the team which just conceded quickly from kick off shoots the ball towards goal which is empty because the keeper hasn’t made it back yet and they actually score into an empty goal

This next penalty is one you wont forget anytime soon, in this game the two teams are surrounding the penalty area but just before the penalty is taken a pitch invader runs onto the pitch and takes the penalty instead and actually scores before hes chased off by security and sent out of the stand

This next bizarre penalty comes from arsenal legend robert pires, hes up for taking the penalty and he tries something new with this one, in this penalty instead of striking the ball at goal he taps the ball to try to pass it to another teammate but this goes completely wrong and he messes up the opportunity 

This next penalty is quite possibly the worst penalty kick you may have ever seen in your life, this brazilian team wins a penalty but maybe the kick taker isn’t in the right mindset because he has one of the worst misses you’ll see, he miss kicks the ball so bad that it ends up no where near the goal ]

This penalty is one opf the most bizarre you’ll ever see, in this clip the penalty kick taker actually misses as the ball hits the crossbar just missing the top of the net but luckily it come back towards the player hits him on the head and goes into the goal, when you’ll see it you’ll probably be shocked