A song about the 5 confirmed dwarf planets in our solar system from smallest to largest.
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Ceres: Sophia Oaks https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiXb...​
Makemake: Jan van der Beek https://www.facebook.com/naturalroots...​
Haumea: Loki Alohikea https://www.instagram.com/lokialohikeahttps://www.facebook.com/lokialohikeahttps://www.youtube.com/lokialohikea​
Eris: Matt Pace
Pluto: Jessica Pace Lyells https://www.youtube.com/c/thehooverjam​

Song by Matt & Joanna Pace
Video animated by Dakota Sheperd: https://www.dakotasheperd.com​
Title animation by Brenden Nelson: https://www.brendennelson.com​

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Let’s have a talk, Pluto. We know you’ve been feeling blue
They changed your class, so you go blame it on the IAU 
Now you’re a dwarf planet, and you’re not thrilled, it’s plain to see 
But if you look at what makes a planet great 
The dwarves have two out of three:

1 You orbit a star, and your star is called the sun 
2 You have enough gravity to make you round, but you’re missing one:
3 Do you clear your surroundings? 
Dwarf planets don’t clear their neighborhood 
They don’t have enough mass, but join the class
If you don’t know their names, you should




I’m Ceres. I’m dark, but I have bright spots 
I’m the biggest in the asteroid belt, and I’ve got 
9-hour days. If you sleep, you missed ‘em 
I’m the only dwarf in the inner solar system 

I’m Makemake and I take my time orbiting the sun 
More than 300 earth years for me is just one
You can tell who I am by my reddish-brown hue
They used to call me Easterbunny 
Look it up. It’s true

I’m Haumea, and they argued over who really found me 
I’ve got two moons and a ring around me
My shape is warped because I spin so fast 
In a four-hour blaze, my days go past 

I’m Eris, and there is no stranger orbit than this, ‘cuz we 
Bend the rules where I’m at in the Scattered Disc
I’ve been hearing some confusion in the past:
Pluto may be bigger, but I got more mass 

And I’m Pluto!
To the eight planets I say “Farewell”
I’ve got 5 moons, and one’s so large, that I orbit it as well
I enjoy my days of blue skies and red snow 
But I send my love with my Tombaugh Regio 

And as astronomers keep up their studies 
They might find our other dwarf planet buddies 
There could hundreds more in our system alone
For now they remain unknown 
...except for




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