This Cessna 152 flight demonstrates some of what I have to do to be a safe pilot when I rent a 152 from my local flight school. Starting with the pre-flight checklist, I go over some of what is on a Cessna 152 checklist for startup, takeoff, landing, etc. and include a look at how a closed traffic pattern works. This is not meant to be an extremely thorough tutorial. It is simply an introduction to flying in a Cessna 152. Fun fact: my "number one traffic" in the Extra at 15:33​ is Patty Wagstaff.

Part 2 - Radio Communication ►​

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00:00​ - Intro
00:26​ - Pre-Flight
13:17​ - Flight
23:05​ - Final Landing
24:13​ - Taxi Back

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Brady Skye is an American filmmaker, traveler, and tailwheel pilot based in St. Augustine. With a passion for storytelling and the outdoors, his films are mostly travel or aviation related and recently include elements of docu-fiction, adventure, and comedy. Tag along and join the adventure as he explores our beautiful planet on-and-off the beaten path.