Hi! :o)
Finally a new video from me! I say that all the times but I'm VERY slow at making videos soooo hihihi!

This one is about Edward and Bella, from Bella's point of view. I always wanted to vid that song ever since I read New Moon so I was waiting for the DVD quality to be released to finally make it :o) It fits with Bella's feelings so much! And near the end, I switched it to Edward's point of view because it made sense, you'll see hihi :o)

This video is dedicated to 3 very special girls who all had their birthdays last spring... 
Antonella: http://www.youtube.com/tnellaproductions​
Agustina: http://www.youtube.com/aglozz​
Emelie: http://www.youtube.com/sten0nger​

I started a video for each one of you but considering that I'm a VERY slow vidder... I decided to dedicated this one to all three of you! I'll probably get the other ones ready for next year hahahahaha :o)
I already wished you all a happy birthday on your real bdays so I won't do it again... especially considering my lateness LOL! So anyways, I hope you'll enjoy this video! Love you all girls :o)