In this video we're going over the basics of talking to air traffic control that you'll need for your private pilot license. It's also good for part 107 pilots!. It's one of the most intimidating things for student pilots! We break it down to make it easy and help you become a radio communications master.

UPDATE: Real quick guys, when using your abbreviated call sign, you should wait to use it until after ATC does. It’s written in the AIM this way in case there are other aircraft in the vicinity with a similar call sign. We made a Part 2 video to help clear that up and talk about a few more things. Plus we give you a new way to start learning the comms. 

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Video Correction : When using your abbreviated call sign, you should wait until after ATC does. It’s written in the AIM this way, but you always close with just the last 3 of your tail. 

In case you're wondering, this is for VFR flight. 


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Just incase you're wondering about the dialog:


-deer valley ground cessna 75600 at romeo 8 requesting taxi for northwest departure with information zulu

cessna 75600 taxi to northwest runup area via alpha advise runup complete

-taxi to northwest run up area via alpha will advise when complete 600

-deer valley ground cessna 75600 runup is complete

cessna 600 runway seven left taxi alpha via alpha 4

-taxiing via alpha to alpha 4 for seven left 600


-deer valley tower cessna 75600 holding short of seven left ready for departure

Cessna 75600 deer valley tower hold short runway seven left

-holding short seven left 600


cessna 600 fly straight out until advised runway seven left cleared for takeoff

-clear for take off on seven left 600 flying straight out


-deer valley tower cessna 75600 over the shooting range inbound requesting touch and goes with information zulu

Cessna 75600 deer valley tower roger, left base runway seven left, report over canal freeway

-report over canal freeway for seven left 600


cessna 600 for traffic make a left turn and fly eastbound i'll let you know when you can make a right turn back to downwind

-make a right turn to eastbound, i'll listen for your call. er. yes eastbound *left turn*. 600

Cessna 600 affirmative left turn to the east, my plan is i've got a the downwind is pretty stretched out i'm gonna put you behind everybody

-roger 600


cessna 600 traffic approaching your 3 o'clock higher on downwind seminole

-traffic is in sight

cessna 600 you can turn inbound and follow the seminole that's in midfield

-turning right following traffic. 600

cessna 75600 follow the seminole that just crossed the freeway on final runway seven left, cleared to land

-cleared to land looking for traffic 600


cessna 600 contact ground .8

-contacting ground 600

-deer valley ground cessna 75600 at A9 requesting taxi to north hangars

Cessna 75600 deer valley ground taxi alpha to north hangars

-taxiing via alpha to north hangars 600

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