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▶【Synopsis】In late Tang Dynasty, a girl called Chuchu had been dreaming of being a coroner so she went to take the coroner exam in Chang'an. She met Lord Anjun Xiao Jinyu who was famous for solving crime puzzles. Then she worked as his partner and they revealed lots of mysterious cases. The origin of Chuchu shocked many powers and cracked the balance between them. Thus the power battle began. With cases exposed one after another, Chuchu and Xiao Jinyu gradually resolved the world-shaking case that lasted for 18 years. After that, they got married and Chuchu even got approved by the emperor and attained the title of Imperial Coroner. Finally, she finally fulfilled her dream.
▶Starring: Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi, Yang Yandong, Zhao Yaoke
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