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Roof falling during floorball game // Pád střechy během florbalového utkání // 14.01.2017 Falling off a roof during a floorball game ( in Ceska Trebova (Czech Republic, Europe). All players and staff are supposedly fine. Sports hall was opened a few weeks ago.
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North Koreans Try American BBQ [Full video] We also wanted to have them try the best sauces from the most respected regions in the US, so we reached out to LawLers Barbecue (Alabama), 12 Bones (North Carolina), Gates Bar-B-Q (Kansas City) and Rudy's Bar-B-Q (Texas) who agreed to come on board for this project. (We tried reaching out to several places in Memphis but none were interested unfortunately. Sorry Memphis, we tried our best) First, we wanna say this project wouldn’t have been possible without 12 Bones, LawLers, Rudy’s and Gates. These are already successful and respected businesses who could have told us they weren’t interested, but they loved the idea of this project and having their local region represented. It was also awesome for us to be able to try all the different styles of sauces. Please show them your support and if you stop by one of their stores, tell them you saw our video: -12 Bones (Blueberry chipotle sauce was Good Morning America’s sauce of the year): -LawLers (Red sauce was Northern Alabama sauce of the year): -Rudys (A sauce even Texans like) - -Gates (classic, original, extra hot, sweet & mild): If you're in South Korea, check out Sweet Oak. Hands down the best bbq: Instagram: ************************************************** If you want to help North Korean refugees in South Korea, please check out TKNR. Great people: ************************************************** Also please consider donating to Digitalsoju via Patreon. We only do these videos part time as a hobby and we all work full time to pay the bills. As a result, we can only make videos when we have the free time to do so. By donating, it will allow us to work less and spend more time on videos as well as allowing us to buy better equipment to make our videos more professional. Thank you for your support and patience! Follow us on social for more details and behind the scenes photos coming soon: ************************************************** Check out our friends at Asian Boss: Get to know some of the North Korean defectors before this video comes out: [What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea] ************************************************** Intro song: Insightful feat. Summertime Stories – Fake face: (Used with permission) Andy Warner - Blues KickAudioDesign - Blues Soundtrove - Road House Blues, Khursey - Timelapse, Volochkov Production Music - Evening Blues Kool Kats - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0